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Massachusetts Motorcycle Association

Biker Friendly (& Unfriendly) Establishments

To qualify as “Biker Friendly”, an establishment must have a consistent policy concerning admitting all riders regardless of their dress. Establishments publishing, posting, or communicating a “No Colors” policy in any form will be considered NOT Biker Friendly.

The MMA does not condone discrimination in any form and strongly encourages all riders to stick together by not patronizing any establishment with a “No Colors” policy and not attending any events (including Bike/Charity runs) which originate or terminate at those establishments.  Organizers as well as riders need to stand together by letting these establishments know that such policies will not be tolerated.

We are also aware that some establishments have posted signs but will still allow riders; this only means they want our money, but are not behind bikers.  Selective discrimination is still discrimination, and such establishments will remain “NOT Biker Friendly” until such signs and/or policies are removed.
Please contact with any additions or changes