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MMA Information Alert - Attorney General's Insurance Settlement: Do you qualify?

Published on 2/4/2010


MMA Information Alert - Attorney General's Insurance Settlement: Do you qualify?

On Monday, February 1st, Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) Board Members met with representatives of the Massachusetts Attorney Generals’ Office (AGO) Insurance & Financial Services Division to discuss their recent settlement announcement regarding overcharging of Motorcycle Insurance Policy holders.

The AGO initiated their investigation of certain Insurance Carriers over a year ago due to consumer complaints.   The results of their investigation were announced to the MMA and the general public on January 14th and are published on each groups Web Sites.   This initial announcement identified 3 Insurance Carriers who have entered into a settlement with the AGO’s office.   The 3 carriers are:

  • Safety Insurance Company (“Safety”)
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (“Liberty”)
  • Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company (“Quincy”)

This settlement totals $11.1 million dollars and the goal now is to identify and find all of the individuals who are due refunds.   Refunds originate as far back as 2002 and AGO and MMA personnel are concerned that riders who are due refunds may have switched carriers over the years, may have moved, even moving out of state, and the challenge is how to find these people.   The AGO has some information concerning your insurance refunds, but is looking to collect more information.

“The AGO has reached out to the motorcycling community, through the MMA, out of concern that the Insurance Companies might not be able to identify and locate all the riders”, explains MMA Chairman Dave Condon.  The AGO contacted the MMA and is seeking the assistance of the MMA in assuring the correct information is made available as well with locating and contacting all the riders due refunds.


The MMA cautions its members that there is a lot of misinformation and conjecture being drawn from prior press releases distributed by other individuals which may slow down the process of obtaining your money.  The MMA apologizes for the delay in disseminating this information, as others trying to be helpful have taken actions resulting in confusion and delay.  Additional information will be provided as the Attorney General’s Office reaches agreement with other providers, and all riders are encouraged to contact the MMA directly for assistance in expediting your refund.


Alternatively, the AGO has worked directly with the Insurance Carriers to establish the following hotlines: 


    Liberty:    +1 (800) 569-5411

    Quincy:    +1 (800) 899-1116

    Safety:    +1 (877) 951-6416

In order to qualify for a refund, you must be able to answer YES to all 3 of the following questions:

  1. Did you purchase motorcycle insurance from either Safety, Liberty, or Quincy Insurance companies?
  2. Did your motorcycle insurance policy contain the Collision or Comprehensive options?
  3. Did you purchase this optional motorcycle insurance anytime during the years 2002 to the present?



    If you answered YES to all 3 questions above, then you may be due a refund, with 6% interest, and are urged to send your contact information to the confidential e-mail address:


    Alternatively, if you’d prefer to deliver your contact information via the United State Postal Service, please send to:


            ATTN:  “MA AGO Insurance Settlement”

            PO Box 378

            Brimfield, MA   01010


    Your Contact Information, which will be shared with the Massachusetts Attorney Generals’ Office (AGO) Insurance & Financial Services Division and the named Insurance Carrier, will otherwise remain confidential and should include your name, address (past and present), telephone number, and e-mail information.   Please also include information regarding the year, make, model and VIN# of your insured motorcycle(s).

    Please do NOT send any confidential information such as your Drivers’ License Number, Social Security Number, or other sensitive information as this is NOT necessary.

    The MMA is expecting further announcements regarding this settlement which will likely identify other Insurance Carriers and additional details.  The MMA will make this information available to its membership as soon as it’s available.

    For more information or to confidentially submit your information, please see or email