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MMA Information Update -- Quincy Mutual Issues Refund Checks

Published on 7/1/2010


MMA Information Update -- Quincy Mutual Issues AGO Settlement Refund Checks

Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, PO Box 378, Brimfield, MA   01010-0378
01 July 2010

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) announced to its membership today that Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company (“Quincy”) has completed the process of sending out 2,858 refund checks to its current and past customers due refunds under a settlement reached with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

Totaling just under $1Million in refunds, checks from Quincy average just over $300 and range as small as $2 to over $6,000!

The AGO continues to make progress with additional insurance carriers with whom they’ve not yet reached agreement, but also with carriers that have not yet started issuing the refunds.  Additional refunds from other carriers should be issued in the late summer.

Doc D’Errico, MMA Safety & Education Director commented, “while the progress in getting the refunds out to the riders has been slow, it’s encouraging to see the results and also gratifying to personally watch the painstaking process the AGO has been going through to assure that everyone due a refund gets one, and that they’re so accurate.”

As previously reported, Liberty Mutual has also issued refunds – if you had insurance with either Liberty or Quincy and did not yet receive your check, you are encouraged to contact the MMA ASAP.  In order to assure that we reach all affected motorcyclists, they are encouraged to contact via email or USPS (to the MMA address above) with their name, address (include prior address if changed during the duration of the policy), insurance carrier(s), policy numbers, current phone numbers and email address.


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