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MMA Successful in Providing Motorcycle Parking in Boston

Published on 8/5/2010

MMA Successful in Providing Motorcycle Parking in Boston

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) is pleased to announce that on Thursday, July 29th a “ribbon-cutting” ceremony was held on Boylston Street in Boston celebrating the creation of the first ever on-street parking spaces specifically for motorcycles and scooters in the City of Boston.  The culmination of many hours spent by MMA representatives with the Boston Transportation Department, a pilot program was launched in the Back Bay.

The Mayor of Boston, Thomas M. Menino, and Officials from the City of Boston Transportation Department were on hand at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, as well as representatives from the MMA and the Scooter Community.  Two of the first parking spaces were reserved for the MMA in recognition of their efforts, making the MMA representatives the first motorcyclists to utilize these spots in addition to scooter community representatives, MaryLee Belleville and Matt Smith.

Richard Schofield, MMA District 1 Manager stated, “On behalf of the motorcyclists in the Commonwealth, I would like to thank Mayor Menino and the Boston Transportation Department for recognizing the need for providing parking for two-wheeled vehicles in Boston”. 

During the ceremony, Mayor Menino commented, "The purpose of this initiative is two-fold.  First, recognizing the growing popularity of these vehicles in Boston, we are providing those who drive scooters and motorcycles with similar parking privileges made available to other motor vehicle owners.  Second, scooters and motorcycles are smaller, environmentally friendly modes of transportation, contributing less to congestion and air pollution, and requiring less space for curbside parking.  As a result, they may be a good transportation alternative for busy urban areas like Boston and we want to make sure that they are accommodated."

Mayor Tom Menino cuts rbbon with MMA District 1 Manager Richard Schofield & MMA Vice Chairman Dave Elias


Mr. Schofield further added, “While additional revenue will be provided to the City, these spaces encourage the use of more fuel efficient vehicles, adding to the ‘greening’ of Boston and its image as a World-Class City”.

The parking spaces were the culmination of many hours spent by MMA representatives on behalf of motorcyclists at meetings in Boston at the Transportation Department since the end of last summer.  A broad review was conducted of what other major cities worldwide were doing to address the parking problem.  The result was a pilot program consisting of 39 parking spaces dedicated for motorcycles and scooters, located in the Back Bay.

Only six, twenty-foot standard size parking spaces were removed while 24, five-foot motorcycle spaces were provided in the same space.  Four Motorcycles and/or Scooters will park in the same space otherwise occupied by a single vehicle, which leaves the majority of the full-size spaces for the larger vehicles.  Additionally, 15 Motorcycle and Scooter spaces were created in areas that cannot normally accommodate a car or truck.

Since multiple vehicles can now occupy the same space, the Motorcycle/Scooter parking meter rate is 25¢ per hour vs. $1 per hour for a standard size space.  With 4 motorcycles or scooters occupying the same space, there is no revenue loss to the City.  However, the additional spaces will provide incremental revenue to the City.

This pilot program will be closely monitored by the city and by the MMA.  The success of this pilot program will lead to more of these spaces being created throughout the City.

Dave Elias, MMA Vice Chair and Business Manager commented, "This is a testament as to how Government and citizens can work together for the good of all.  Other 2 wheeled activists tried to solve the parking situation in the courts and alienated the city of Boston at the cost to the taxpayer.  The MMA has mended all those fences between the 2 wheeled community and the City by educating, not litigating!"

The MMA encourages all Motorcyclists to use these spaces and are reminded, "When in Town, Throttle Down".

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