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MMA INFO ALERT — NMA Speed Trap Spotlight on Massachusetts

Published on 1/25/2013
MMA INFO ALERT — NMA Speed Trap Spotlight on Massachusetts

The National Motorists Association (NMA) published a Blog post yesterday concerning speed traps from around the country and focused specifically on Massachusetts as the number one source of Speeding Ticket complaints from its members.  The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) would like to share that information with its members as a caution and as a reminder to remain safe on the roadways.

The MMA remains vigilant in monitoring numerous sources of information it believes is relevant to Motorcyclists.  In some cases, information and issues are broader than just Motorcycles, for example the MMA's Right-of-Way Bill which is not Motorcycle-specitific.  The MMA and NMA have worked together before; several MMA Board Members are also members of the NMA and the MMA Chairman, Dave Condon, testified at the State House against Red Light Cameras on behalf of both the NMA and MMA providing a motorcyclist's perspective on the potential for safety hazard.

The NMA's Blog post summarizes the highest activity speed trap locations on Massachusetts.  The data comes from the NMA's National Speed Trap Exchange ( which is a summary of reports and comments about speed traps from motorists around the country with the focus on informing other roadway users.  The Massachusetts "Top 5" covers main highways patrolled by the Massachusetts State Police and does not list local speed traps around the Commonwealth.

As a service to Motorcyclists, the MMA would like its members to be aware of this service and consider updating it with their own information as well as consider joining the NMA as an adjunct to the MMA for those times when they're not on 2 or 3 wheels.

Oh, the top 5?

#5: The Tobin Bridge Tunnel Lane in Charlestown
#4: Industrial Avenue near Exit 3 in Lowell
#3: Mill Street Road near June Street in Worcester
#2: I-291W near I-91S in Springfield

…and the #1 reported High Activity Speed Trap Location…

#1: Lowell Connector Road in Lowell

The Blog post also covers the top 10 speed trap cities, but we don't think those will be a surprise to anyone… The full Blog post can be seen here:

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