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MMA Update - General Counsel Status Change

Published on 4/12/2013
MMA Update - General Counsel Status Change

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) announced today that it has discontinued its relationship with its General Counsel, Paul A. Lancia effective immediately.

Although Attorney Lancia has done many great things in his tenure with the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, including fighting on behalf of motorcyclists who were wrongly cited for moving violations, personal issues will occupy his attention for the foreseeable future.  Although the personal nature of the issues facing Attorney Lancia do not involve nor directly effect the MMA, the MMA Board-of-Directors discussed the matter in executive session during its regular monthly meeting and voted unanimously in favor of the action since Attorney Lancia would not be able to act in any official capacity on behalf of the organization for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the MMA Board-of-Directors voted unanimously not to name a new General Counsel until further notice.  In the interim, the MMA will retain counsel on an as-needed basis.  The MMA regularly maintains relationships with attorneys in a variety of practices.

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