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MMA grieves the passing of Joe "Sarge” Komola

Published on 2/26/2014

MMA grieves the passing of Joe "Sarge” Komola

Joe "Sarge" Komola

With deep sadness, the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) would like to inform everyone of the passing of Joe “Sarge” Komola.   “Sarge” was a fixture in the MMA for many years, was well loved and respected by all, and will be sorely missed.

An active motorcycle enthusiast for over 30 years,  Sarge's first bike was a used 250cc 2-stroke that he put 7,500 miles on the first year.  With over 40 years Active Duty and Reserve time, Sarge managed to accumulate about 17,000 miles per year on a bike until recently.  Sarge became a tireless fighter for motorcyclists rights and safety.  Beginning as Middlesex County Representative, Sarge has held numerous positions with the MMA including District I Representative, District I Manager, Director of Safety and Awareness, and Vice Chairman.  Sarge also served as the State Representative for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation based in Washington DC, and remained active in their regional and national conferences.

Without question, Sarge always had the best interests of the riders of this state in his heart, and he worked tirelessly to defend our right to ride free and safe.  Sarge will be sorely missed by all of us.  Even when his health no longer allowed him to attend the board meetings and do the things he used to, he insisted on being involved in some manner.  Elected unanimously by the MMA Board-of-Directors to serve as the MMA's Statewide Sergeant-At-Arms, Sarge continued to hold that position to this day, and will forever in our hearts.

Dave Condon, MMA Chairman, noted, “Sarge was a permanent fixture at the Massachusetts State House during his time with the MMA, and was the only one of us that had his own personal parking space reserved just for him.  He knew everyone on the 'hill', and everyone knew Sarge.  I, for one, am so very proud to have served with him on the Board of Directors for the MMA.”

In 2011, in recognition for his long and tireless commitment to the riders of the Commonwealth, Sarge was awarded the MMA's highest award, the Brian Clark Lifetime Achievement Award.  Overcome with emotion, Sarge briefly commented, “this has been my life’s passion – to serve others.”

Always quick with a joke, a good natured slap at anyone who served in another branch of service, Sarge was also ready and willing to step up to the plate when called upon.  The likes of Sarge will be so very sorely missed.

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association deeply mourns the passing of Joe “Sarge” Komola, and extend our deepest sympathies to his family with our everlasting gratitude for his service to our Country and our cause.

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