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Proposed By-Laws would BAN MOTORCYCLE RIDES within the Town of Yarmouth

Published on 2/12/2015

MMA Legislative Alert: Proposed By-Laws would BAN MOTORCYCLE RIDES within the Town of Yarmouth
February 12, 2015 

Concerned Citizens in the town of Yarmouth, MA have raised 2 Petitions affecting your right to ride your motorcycle within the town of Yarmouth. The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) has scheduled an informative meeting in Barnstable County for motorcyclists to learn more details regarding these petitions, and we specifically seek riders willing to attend both the MMA information meeting and the Town Meeting. 

The first Special Article seeks a proposed by-law to BAN MOTORCYCLE RIDES within the Town of Yarmouth while a second Special Article seeks annual statistics from the Police Department to include the number of citations issued under Section 104-3 of the Yarmouth By-Laws.   The MMA has copies of the two Request for Special Articles filed with the Town. 

As most citizens are aware, motorcycle rides generally bring in huge amounts of money destined for targeted charities but also jointly shared by local business establishments. In fact, one ride currently ending in Yarmouth sees Military Men & Women travel from across the U.S.A. to rent Hotel/Motel Rooms, dine in local restaurants, purchase memorable merchandise from local businesses, and otherwise spend their discretional monies directly in Yarmouth. This BAN on MOTORCYCLE RIDES, if passed, will see these monies leave Yarmouth immediately and go to some other Cape Cod community. 

Further, if motorcycle rides are banned in one community, you can expect other communities to attempt to follow suit. 

Your MMA Officers have already committed to meet with the Yarmouth Board of Selectmen to discuss these Special Articles and the negative financial impact their passage will cause. Additionally, the MMA will schedule meetings with the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce and local Business Establishments to discuss these very same financial impacts. The results of these meetings will also be discussed at the March 17 meeting. 

The MMA meeting is Tuesday March 17, 2015 at 7PM at the West Barnstable Civic Center off Route 149. All concerned motorcyclists are encouraged to attend! 

The Yarmouth Town Meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 2, 2015 at the Mattachesse Middle School at a start time still to be determined. Although all concerned parties may attend, we are specifically seeking Yarmouth town residents to stand up at the meeting on behalf of the motorcyclists of Massachusetts. 

Please consider attending both meetings as their votes against this ban are the only way to defeat these two Special Articles. 

The MMA is the nationally recognized State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SMRO) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has been in continual operation since 1975. 

Please contact with any questions. Further details regarding the MMA can be found at 


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