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MMA Update: Massachusetts Public Service Announcements airing concerning Drinking & Riding

Published on 6/12/2015

MMA Safety & Education Update: Massachusetts Public Service Announcements airing concerning Drinking & Riding
The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security has begun airing a series of “Ride Sober” Public Service Announcements. These PSAs are part of a number of public safety initiatives that will occur throughout the summer months. Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association worked with the Massachusetts EOPSS (Executive Office of Public Safety & Security), the Highway Safety Division, and their PR firm, the Rendon Group, to create this specific PSA, and we support its message.
Every summer brings a significant amount of tourism, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, car and truck drivers to the roadways. Not all are as responsible as we know our MMA members to be, yet alcohol is involved in more than half of all fatal motorcycle accidents nationwide.
While we realize that many stops for motorcycle rides do serve alcohol, we are not suggesting you avoid those destinations. Rather, the MMA endorses this PSA as part of an effort to ride responsibly and safely. The PSA will air from June 8-14 via Comcast, Dish, A&E, and DTV on the following networks and programs:

  • A&E: Storage Wars
  • Esquire: American Ninja, Brew Dogs, Best Bars in America
  • History: Pawn Stars, Counting Cars, Lost in Transmission
  • DIY
  • Lifetime
  • Toon

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is a firm believer in education, not legislation, so we worked closely with the MA EOPSS, HSD, and Rendon Group to tailor it for Massachusetts Riders, even starring an active MMA Member!
You will see the Public Service Announcement, titled, "Motorcyclists: This Summer, Please Ride Sober or Don't Ride At All!", on many of your favorite TV shows and hear them on the radio. To view it, click here:

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association wishes to express its gratitude to all parties involved in the creation of this PSA, including its star, MMA Member “Aff” (James Aff) for his feedback and participation in the project.
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