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MMA News: Local Business Designates "Motorcycle Only" Parking!

Published on 5/17/2016
MMA News: Local Business Designates "Motorcycle Only" Parking!
Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is pleased to report that another local business has stepped up to designate "Motorcycle Only" parking for its employees and customers!
At Atrenne Computing Solutions, a Brockton-based Engineering and Manufacturing business, a recent consolidation of two local facilities into one resulted in parking space being at a premium. Recognizing that many of their employees were riders, the company realized that by making motorcycle commuting more convenient for their employees, they could free up premium spaces for their customers.
In response, Atrenne recently provided a parking area for its employees and visitors to use when commuting by motorcycle. The special designation serves to provide a safe, highly visible location close to the facility entrance. Well lighted for added security, these spaces increase the ability to park multiple motorcycles in a single oversized space, which has the added benefits of increasing visibility for non-motorcyclists, and freeing up additional spaces for other vehicles.
 Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association applauds Atrenne Computing Solutions for recognizing the economic and space saving contribution of its employees who choose to commute to work by motorcycle!
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