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Published on 3/6/2009



The Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association ( met at their regularly scheduled monthly board meeting on Wednesday March 4, 2009, to conduct the regular business of the MMA.

Under the direction of the newly aligned board elected this past November, the MMA has been putting a revitalized focus on serving the needs of its membership.  In discussing this with the board, MMA Chairman Dave Condon noted, “I believe the position of Membership Manager to be one of the most important positions within the MMA.  Our goals are to increase membership, retain our current members, and assure that our membership is being adequately provided for; to accomplish this in a way that reflects what our members expect requires a lot of coordination between the District Officers and the Board.”   Following a brief discussion, the Board unanimously voted to elevate the position of Membership Officer to a full voting seat on the Board.

The position of Membership Manager had been filled by Cheryl Frodermann who’s been extremely active in improving communications to Members, expediting Membership Services, and improving the information flow concerning membership to the MMA District Managers and its Board.  Without contention, Ms. Frodermann was unanimously elected to the elevated position of Membership Manager in a separate vote.

Ms. Frodermann hoped to ride ever since she was 14 when on a family road trip, she “noticed motorcyclists were having a whole lot more fun than <she> was”.   When Cheryl joined the MMA, it was after years of not realizing what the MMA was doing for motorcyclists in Massachusetts, but after joining she said, "I saw pretty quickly that the MMA was a group of motorcyclist who selflessly work hard for what they truly believe: freedom, protecting rider's rights, raising awareness, and educating the public about motorcycle safety. I generally dislike politics, but felt welcomed and inspired. I wanted to get involved and help out."


...and “help out” is an understatement; Cheryl has been extremely active with the MMA regularly attending Board Meetings as a non-voting MMA Officer, and attending MMA sponsored efforts such as its visit to the New Hampshire State House in January.

Mr. Condon commented about Ms. Frodermann, , "Working with Cheryl this past year, she has shown tremendous commitment to all of the core principles of the MMA – dedication to our membership, passion for Motorcyclists’ Rights, and a strong spirit of teamwork.  Her tireless dedication assures that we can successfully launch and sustain the improvements we wish to make in serving our membership.  We’re proud to have Cheryl on our team and we have every confidence that she will continue doing the fantastic job she’s been doing.”

Accepting the position, Ms. Frodermann responded, "On one hand, I’m sure the MMA Board would have worked with me whether the position was a Board Seat or not, but as a Voting Member, I feel that our membership now has a stronger voice in the business of the MMA.  It’s exciting to be part of such an organization which not only fights for the rights of all motorcyclists in Massachusetts, but has such a strong team of officers who listen to their membership to develop and attain its goals as an Motorcyclist Rights Organization.”

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