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MMA Legislative Update -- MMA Helps defeat Hingham Motorcycle Sound Warrant

Published on 5/5/2009

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association ( is pleased to announce the defeat of a Warrant in the Town of Hingham aimed at overriding Massachusetts General Law concerning Motorcycle Sound Emissions.

As previously presented to our membership, the warrant, filed by Attorney Thomas Sobran, Hingham Resident, followed a disturbing pattern of pointing the blame for all sound issues on all Motorcyclists.  While initially citing poor behavior of a minority, the proposal would have set unrealistic expectations on sound emission levels, removed Motorcyclists freedom to aesthetically customize their motorcycle, and set unenforceable constrains on the Hingham Police Department.

In a response to a news article published in a local journal, MMA Chairman Dave Condon respectfully wrote of these concerns, citing the correct Massachusetts General Law concerning Motorcycle Sound Emissions and offered to work with the town on educating Motorcyclists concerning the noise issue and their current sound levels through a “Sound Check”.  The proposal was sadly met with disrespectful jargon by some extremely vocal opponents in the town, but the MMA did not respond in kind, rather continuing to enforce our motto of “Education, not Legislation”.

The MMAs response was then brought to public hearing held in Hingham last week by Rick Gleason, MMA District 2 Manager, and Darryl Stoddard, MMA Plymouth County Representative.  Following an extremely well researched and crafted analysis by the Town’s Advisory Board and testimony from several Hingham residents on both sides of the issue, the MMA position was presented by Mr. Stoddard and supported by several Hingham residents who contacted the MMA following the MMA position statement’s publication.

According to Mr. Gleason and Mr. Stoddard, the Town was respectfully appreciative of the MMA information and offer to assist.  Voters attending the town meeting voted to uphold the Town Advisory Board recommendation of “No Action” on the Warrant.  The MMA has also been in contact with the Hingham Police Department and are in preliminary discussions to schedule the “Sound Check” this riding season.

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